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SeaSketch is a platform for collaborative ocean GeoDesign. Using SeaSketch, anyone with a web browser and Internet connection may design management plans, including marine protected areas, transportation zones, renewable energy sites, and more. You may view a 5 minute demonstration of SeaSketch in English or with Spanish subtitles. Read an article about SeaSketch here.

Worldwide Use

Extending our experience developing MarineMap in California, the McClintock lab is creating SeaSketch for worldwide use. In SeaSketch, users will be able to (1) initiate a project by defining a study region, (2) upload map layers from existing web services, (3) define "sketch classes" such as prospective marine protected areas, transportation zones or renewable energy sites, (4) author sketches and receive automated feedback on those designs, such as the ecological value or the potential economic impacts of a marine protected area, and (5) share sketches and discuss them with other users in a map-based chat forum.


SeaSketch is offered as a service so that anyone, regardless of their technical ability, may participate in marine spatial planning, anywhere in the world. Our partnerships with government and non-government agencies, resource managers and academic institutions ensure that SeaSketch reflects the best available science and data for sound decisions for our oceans.